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Al-Nahda to engage in national dialogue to end crisis in Tunisia

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

The leader of Tunisia’s Al-Nahda (Renaissance) Party, has praised the political dialogue in the country and the general consensus about the resumption of discussions this week. Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi expressed his hope that this will lead to a comprehensive agreement and elections in which all parties will be involved.

Speaking to Quds Press, Sheikh Ghannouchi confirmed Al-Nahda’s readiness to engage in the national dialogue in order to end the political crisis in Tunisia. “While participating in this dialogue, we are determined to reach national agreements that will get the country out of its crisis, contribute to the completion of the transitional path and agree on the constitution and a date for the elections,” he said. “This needs us to complete the formation of the electoral commission and the electoral law, hold elections in which everyone will take part and announce the rebirth of an Arab democratic experience.”

According to Ghannouchi, it is important for the determination found among his movement’s leadership to be the dominating spirit in opposition parties. “We hope to find the same determination and willingness among our political partners,” said the veteran politician, adding that he expects the first round of dialogue to begin today (Monday) or tomorrow.

“The international will is there to see a successful transition in Tunisia,” insisted Ghannouchi. “This has been made very clear by the foreign ambassadors and representatives of Western governments who I have met, including our friend President Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria.”