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Algerian Labour Party calls for transparent elections without foreign interference

Secretary General of the Algerian Labour Party, Louisa Hanoune, has reiterated that upcoming presidential elections have to take place at the scheduled time and they have to be "Algerian 100 per cent."

Hanoune said that her party would officially call for the Republic's president to fully organise this "fateful" occasion without any foreign interference of guardianship.

She said that foreign monitors use the elections to blackmail the country for achieving their countries' goals. They stand, according to her, beside the parties that favour their countries' interests.

The prominent Algerian leader was speaking to members of her party as she completely refused that the elections are being monitored by foreign monitors under the pretext of organisation and guaranteeing transparency.

To prevent these interferences she said that the country's authorities have to take "strict" measures to guarantee the transparency and freedom of the elections.

At the beginning of this year, Hanoune called for the Algerian authorities to prevent foreign states and organisations from financing the campaigns of candidates running in Algerian elections.

She said she had evidence that proved US intelligence has been financing four Algerian organisations, including a human rights group and a "cultural" association.

Hanoune stressed that the upcoming elections, which would be historical for the country, have to take place on time despite certain objections.

She said that some candidates are competing now to offer their services to external powers instead of offering their services to their people in Algeria.

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