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Another detainee dies in Egyptian military jail; family suspects torture

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

Egypt’s interim Interior Ministry has reported the death of Abdel Wahab Mohamed Abdel Wahab Falah; 44 years old in Al-Minya military prison from a diabetic coma. However, the deceased family questions whether he died of a diabetic coma; pointing out that he was subjected to torture and medical neglect, which led to his death. A medical report ruled out any criminal malpractice in the detainee’s death and attributed the cause to a diabetic coma. The prosecution has since issued a licence to bury the deceased.

Al-Minya military prison reported to the police department the death of Abdul Wahab, a resident of the Aqleyah village in the Al Adwah district. He was held in the administrative custody of Al Adwa police station on charges of burning, destroying and storming Al Adwah police station.