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Cairo rejects US concerns over Brotherhood terrorist designation

February 5, 2014 at 1:11 am

The foreign ministry in Cairo has rejected US concerns over the political situation in Egypt, including the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist organisation”. Spokesperson Bader Abdul-Ati described Washington’s position as “unacceptable”. The US Department of Defence had expressed President Barak Obama’s concerns about the wave of arrests being made in Egypt and the Brotherhood designation.

“Egypt will not accept any intervention in its internal affairs from any parties,” declared Abdul-Ati. “The United States has the right to follow-up on the affairs in Egypt because Egypt is a large and vital country, but there is a difference between following-up and intervention.”

He stressed that the decisions made by the cabinet aim to protect the interests of Egypt and noted that the government can only be held accountable by the Egyptian people. The ministry spokesman claimed that the arrests are not political in nature but are based on summonses issued by the public prosecutor.

Noting that trials are being conducted in accordance with the regular laws of the land and no exceptions are being made, Abdul-Ati added that everyone must respect the Egyptian people and the rulings of the “honourable” judiciary, “which is known to be independent”. In a democratic system, he said, the basics include refraining from intervening in the judicial process. “This includes all foreign parties as well.”

Source: Alresalah