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'Don't leave polling stations!' Pro-coup journalist urges Egyptian voters

February 5, 2014 at 12:42 am


Below is a transcript of the video:

Then, we have to be present in the committees. He whom his vote they put (in the box) should not walk away. Let him take with him a sandwich and (drinking) water. And we (should) sit (down) so as for all Egypt’s committees to be filled up. Filled up. So as not to give a chance to Alkhanzeera [meaning the swine but intended as a swearing nickname for Aljazeera] channel, daughter of the swine, so as to do (its) work.

We (should) not give a chance to foreign correspondents, half of whom work for intelligence services belonging to their own countries. Listen boy; listen you ladies.

These foreign correspondents you see half of them work for intelligence services belonging to their own countries. They take pictures for them. They take pictures for their news agencies. This so that you and him may understand (what is going on). That you may, oh you ‘who is doing well’ [sarcastically], understand (what is going on).

Oh father, oh mother. So that you understand. The youth shoulder an extraordinary responsibility. You are at war. Oh youth of Egypt, you are at war. Either you incur defeat upon Egypt or you will be responsible for Egypt’s victory. If you incur defeat upon Egypt, your future will be black; similar to a black shoe and even more black.