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Egypt is dominated by the "security state", says party head

February 5, 2014 at 1:23 am

Political scientist Dr Amr Hamzawy has said that the “security state” is dominating the public sphere in Egypt, especially the media. He also pointed out that some people are trying to depict those who oppose human rights violations and the practices of those in power as being against the state. Hamzawy dismissed this as a false and meaningless allegation.

“No nation state will be consolidated in the absence of justice and the rule of law,” he added. “Any state dominated by a group that is involved in killing and looting will not last; and any suppressive constitution or suppressive law, namely the Assembly Law, will not pass [unnoticed].” Dr Hamzawy was speaking during the “25 January 2020” seminar that was held on Sunday in Cairo’s El-Sawy Cultural Wheel. “Nevertheless, we denounce any violence committed against individuals or structures, be they private, public or military structures.”

The head of the Masr Al-Hureyya Party (Egypt Freedom Party), Hamzawy also warned that “violence begets violence” but security-based solutions alone are neither adequate nor acceptable in all cases.

He criticised the 2012 draft constitution put together by the “Committee of 50” appointed by the interim president. Insisting that he will not approve it, Hamzawy described the document as worse than the 2012 constitution approved during Morsi’s rule.

Denying rumours that he had fled Egypt he stressed that there is a need for a broad-based meeting wherein all are represented, without exclusion or marginalisation.