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Egyptian politician denied participation in Arab parliamentarian group

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

Egyptian politician Amr Mousa has been denied a place in the Association of Arab Parliamentarians because he holds no official position in the coup-led government. Although he is heading the so-called “Committee of Fifty” in Egypt, made up of pro-coup politicians trying to modify the constitution, an official of the association said that he should not have a place among parliamentarians.

Mohamed Al-Libi insisted that the invitation sent to Mousa was invalid according to the rules of the association, which works to prevent interference in internal issues facing Arab countries. The official said that Mousa would attend the parliamentarian sessions representing one side of the internal conflict without the presence of the other side, which would not be fair.

He also criticised Mousa’s position towards the Libyan revolution, saying that the ex-Arab League chief was one of the reasons for the current unstable situation in the country.