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Fahmi commits to Palestinian cause but still threatens Gaza

February 5, 2014 at 10:00 am

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmi has stressed his commitment to the Palestinian cause but reiterated his threat of military action against Gaza.

Claiming that his meetings with President Mahmoud Abbas should send a strong message that Egypt is on board as far as the Palestinian issue is concerned, Fahmi added, “But let there be no doubt that while we will do everything possible to help the people of Gaza in their daily lives, we will secure our border against those who violate our sovereignty.”

He told Alzaytouna correspondent Nasser al-Laham that whoever thinks that Egypt would tolerate its borders and sovereignty being violated does not understand the Egyptian character and the military force that he spoke about. “This would not be against the Palestinian citizens, wherever they are,” he insisted, “but against those who have attacked the border and sovereignty. The Palestinian president is now assured that Egypt treats the Palestinians equally and that they won’t be offended on Egyptian soil.”

The foreign minister expressed his satisfaction at Barack Obama’s speech to the UN General Assembly which basically gave a green light to the coup authorities to carry on with business as usual. “I think this is an advanced position in the right direction. Despite the fact that Americans have some questions, Obama has talked for the first time about the desire of the Egyptian people and their aspirations.” That, he said, is a very important shift because the Egyptian arena has now become governed by the Egyptian citizen. “The world and President Obama have come to understand that, despite having some have some caveats.”

The Egyptian Minister concluded by saying that the whole world shows great interest in what is happening in Egypt because it is the oldest country with the largest population in the region. “Not only that, but what happens in Egypt has an impact on the whole region.”