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Islamic Group refuses to abandon constitutional legitimacy

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

The Islamic Group’s Shura Council has denied the media claims of divisions within the group. The group stressed that it will not abandon the campaign for constitutional legitimacy, reiterating their full support for the legitimacy of Egypt’s first elected President, Mohammad Morsi.

The group said that it maintains its declared position on the need to reach a political solution to end Egypt’s crisis by regaining constitutional legitimacy and achieving the demands of both supporters and opponents. The group demanded for the army to be separate from Egypt’s political affairs and to spare the military institution the risks of a confrontation with Egyptians.

The Shura Council explained that: “those people who claim to oppose the group’s official stance were suspended from the group a while ago and currently have no relations whatsoever with the group. The Shura Council has adopted a proposal by its young members to continue with peaceful demonstrations until overthrowing the military coup.”

The council also pointed out that the group’s official portal and media spokespersons are the only sources to announce its positions.