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Tunisians call for constitution to outlaw normalisation with Israel

February 5, 2014 at 1:11 am

A nationwide committee in Tunisia has called for the constitution to outlaw any “normalisation” with Israel. The National Committee for Supporting Arab Resistance and Fighting Normalisation and Zionism has demanded that the Constituent Assembly mandated with drafting Tunisia’s new constitution includes such an article.

The first draft of the constitution does, in fact, include Article 27, which says that “all forms of normalisation with Zionism and the Zionist entity [ie the State of Israel] are a crime punishable by law”.

The committee includes political parties and civil society organisations which support the right to resistance and struggle against Zionism. Among them are the Tunisian League for Tolerance, the El-Ghad Party, the National Commission for Supporting the Arab Resistance and the Arab-Islamic Gathering to Support the Resistance Option.

Source: Rassd