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Video reveals Al-Sisi asked to buy an Apache to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am


Social media activists have circulated a new video that reveals General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi requested the US administration to supply him with a modern Apache aircraft to help him eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda.

Colonel Ken Allard, a military analyst and former Dean of the National War College, explained that Libya also requested a modern Apache aircraft model AH64 from the US administration, however the US has so far refused to meet the North African state’s request.

According to Allard, the airplane has two important functions. The first is that the plane’s mechanisms are vital to resisting popular civil disobedience due to its highly precise camera, which can be used from any angle without collateral damage. The second is that it is very good for surveillance, so the plane can be used across Libya or in the Sinai.

Allard said that whatever the problem is, the Apache could provide the answer. Thus the US’s failure to provide the planes illustrates that it is not supporting its allies like it should.

Meanwhile Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a ” terrorism” expert, questioned media reports about the post-coup crackdown, asking if the current Egyptian authorities were really so dangerous, then why would they request equipment that would help them target specific individuals and groups with such precision?

Gorka reasoned that General Al-Sisi’s request for the Apache plane illustrates that he does not want to hurt people who are not “bad guys”, quoting him saying that: “I want to do this but in a way that takes out the MB or Al-Qaeda.”