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El-Erian expects economic crisis to usher end of military coup

Deputy Head of the Freedom and Justice Party Essam El-Erian affirmed that the military coup has failed to establish itself as the "de facto regime" because it has been rejected by a wide sector of Egyptians whose number is increasing day by day as the truth about the "conspiracy" is being disclosed.

In a Facebook comment, El-Erian saluted all rebels around the Egyptian Republic. He said: "You, youth, women, men and elderly in all governorates have proven that the coup is a failed conspiracy; indeed all the facts about the coup have been made clear by your efforts."

He added: "The country is on the verge of an economic and financial crisis; it could be the end of the coup. There is no security, no stability, no investment, and none of the local or government administrations are able to work."

El-Erian described the above resistance as the "core of civil disobedience" and affirmed this "will bury the coup regime and thus end the coup conspiracy."

Addressing the Egyptian nation, El-Erian said: "Egyptians have brought pride to their nation by insisting and striving to regain their stolen revolution."

He called for all youth leaders to take an effective role in leading the anti-coup activities because the "road to the end of the battle with the coup perpetrators is long and it will need strong leaders who are able to persist."

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