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Beltaji: Our cause is justice and dignity for the Egyptian people

February 7, 2014 at 2:50 pm

Last video message before his arrest

Dr Mohamed al-Beltaji, a leading member of the Freedom and Justice Party, has urged the Egyptian people to have faith in their just cause.

In a recorded speech broadcast by al-Jazeera, Beltaji said, “We’re not working for a partisan interest or political position. We’re working for a just cause. Our cause is the Egyptian people’s right to freedom and a dignified life.”

Beltaji said that tyrannical forces had used the media to overwhelm the sit-in at Rabaa al Adawiya square. The sit- in was eventually dispersed by force which caused bloody massacres. The Rabia four fingered symbol that has emerged is a symbol of resistance, pride and dignity in the face of tyrants and dictators. The world chants the name of Rabia in different languages and beliefs.

Beltaji illustrated the need for patience in order to achieve victory over the forces of falsehood, saying ” So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior.” He stressed that Egyptians should not despair.

Beltaji talked about the trials his family had faced and appealed to everyone to remain patient, pointing out that although the regime had wanted to kill his daughter, Asma and expunge her name from the world, her name is in fact chanted everywhere, people have prayed for her from al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine, to the holy mosque in Makkah, to Turkey and others.

He went on to explain that the coup media’s lies had been revealed to the world. The coup media had accused protestors of shooting from al Fateh mosque minaret, yet an Egyptian civilian exposed the truth when he came out in front of the mosque and said that the minaret, separate to the mosque, had troops shooting from there after military aircraft had deployed them.

Beltaji refuted the accusation that the Muslim Brotherhood protestors’ burned the building of the Arab contractors company’s saying, “They accused us of burning the Arab contractors building. Yet, later on the chairman of the company said that the upper levels of the building had burned which proves that the building burned from a shell fired by military aircraft”. Beltaji commended journalist Hamid al Barbari who expose the army’s killing of journalist Tamer Abdel Raouf.

Beltaji thanked those who stood by him and supported his rights, especially those who have disagreed with him politically and intellectually, singling out Sheikh Raed Salah and Dr Tariq Sweidan, as well as others who stood on the side of the Egyptian people and consoled him on the murder of his daughter.