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Brotherhood concerned about mistreatment of prisoners

February 7, 2014 at 2:35 pm

The Muslim Brotherhood said on Tuesday that it has serious concerns about the mistreatment of its officials and members being held by the coup authorities in Egypt. A statement from the organisation said that it holds the Ministry of the Interior and Public Prosecution responsible for anything that happens to the prisoners, among whom is the movement’s Supreme Guide, Mohammed Badie.

Accusations have already been levelled at the authorities that Brotherhood officials and activists were beaten when they were arrested.

The lawyers representing several prisoners reported that their clients have been subject to harsh treatment in prison. They repeated the word “inhumane” a number of times when they described what is happening in the prisons.

About 40 prisoners were killed whilst in custody three weeks ago, in questionable circumstances. Police said that they shot tear gas at the prisoners when they attempted to escape, but evidence of severe torture was present on their bodies when they were handed over to their families for burial. The Muslim Brotherhood statement drew attention to the difference in the treatment meted out to prisoners from the Mubarak regime and those who oppose the military coup.

A widespread detention campaign has been carried out by the coup authorities. According to Euromid human rights NGO based in Brussels, the number of prisoners has reached 28,650 of which 26 are women.