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Lawyers call for Salafi Al-Noor Party to be dissolved

February 7, 2014 at 2:35 pm

Two Egyptian lawyers have filed a lawsuit calling a freeze on all activities of the Salafi Al-Noor Party. The move is seen as a prelude to calls for the party’s dissolution.

Rezwq al-Mulla and Ahmed Imam are seeking a judicial ruling to dissolve the party on charges that it damaged the political, economic and social life of Egyptians during the time that President Mohammed Morsi was in office. Party leaders, it is alleged, led a “violent campaign” against the Shia sect in Egypt which the lawyers claim resulted in the death of a number of people, including the leading Shia in Egypt, Hassan Shehadeh, in June.

Al-Noor Party supported the military leaders in their coup against the democratically-elected Morsi. The party leadership said that the coup leaders have now denied making any promises in return for their support.

According to the lawsuit, Al-Noor is taking “confusing” positions on several issues which might “confuse” the minds of Egyptians in a way that serves party interests. As such, it claims, it is necessary for the party’s activities to be frozen to “protect the safety and security” of the country.