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Field clinic doctor affirms protestors were shot from the back

A physician in a field clinic in Rabia Al-Adawiyya Square has said that on Monday, he witnessed things he had never before seen. "Between 3.40am and 7.30am was the blackest period he had lived through in his life," he said.

In a press conference held inside the field clinic and broadcast on Al-Jazeera the physician said that the hospital received 400 cases in three hours, including 150 cases of individuals shot with live ammunition. Four surgical operations with full anesthetisation were conducted.

According to the doctor, live ammunition was shot at and hit individuals in the head, neck, chest and foot regions. There were about 200 cases of individuals hit by rubber bullets.

He also said that it was clear from the video clips broadcast by different media that the protesters were shot from the back while they were praying and the republican guards were behind them. "This affirms that the bullets were shot at them from the republican guards," he said.

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