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Key issues behind timing of the coup

February 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

A key aide of Egypt’s President Morsi has revealed the three key decisions which appear to have been behind the timing of the military coup this week. They would have “purified” state institutions which were still run by the “deep state” remnants of the disgraced Mubarak regime, claims Bakinam Al-Sharqawi.

  1. The president planned to retire 6,000 judges aged 60 years or over and use the money saved to recruit younger officials. The intention was to recruit 12,000 assistant judges from the top graduates of the 2007 to 2012 cadres.
  2. Five thousand officers of the rank of colonel and above would also have been retired. Accelerated promotions for 15,000 unemployed lieutenants were to have been employed to make up the deficit.
  3. Criminal records were to be expunged with effect from 10 August this year. The intention was to give an opportunity to citizens who have been exploited by the interior ministry to carry out illegal acts, usually involving violence. They were basically given the option of either doing the ministry’s bidding or go to jail. Morsi intended to give them a second chance in life.