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Libya dismisses rumours of requests for NATO intervention

February 8, 2014 at 2:46 pm

Libyan Prime Minister, Ali Zaidan, has dismissed rumours about NATO intervention in Libya. “This is biased and conspiratorial propaganda circulated to ruin the work of the government,” he said.

The Libyan news agency, WAL, reported that during a meeting with police and judicial officials, Zaidan said: “Libyans are watching and following up on the work of the government and nothing is being done behind closed doors.”

In response to NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s remarks that his alliance is prepared to intervene on the request of the legal Libyan government, Zaidan said: “We asked nothing of NATO. If we did, everything would be following the agreement of the Legislative Authority.”

Zaidan explained that the Legislative Authority is represented by the General National Conference. “No one can take this step except via legal procedures that allow all Libyans to know about it,” he said.

“The government, which came through elections and through the General National Conference… will consider Libya’s interests in such steps,” he said.

Meanwhile, Canadian media said on Sunday that Mexico has released the Canadian prisoner, Santia Fannett, who had spent 18 month in custody. She was imprisoned on charges of helping Al-Saadi al-Qaddafi, the son of the deposed Libyan leader, to get to Mexico.

Media reported that a Mexican judge ordered the release of Fannett and the Mexican Gabriela de-Quito, who have been detained since November 2011. A judicial source said that they were released on the grounds of “flaws in proceedings.”