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Salvation Front official admits interim government includes Mubarak remnants

February 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

An official of the Salvation Front said on Wednesday that the interim government includes a number of ministers from the “remnants” of the deposed Mubarak regime. Hussein Abdul-Ghani named several people who were prominent in the Mubarak era but have been included in the interim government formed by Hazem Al-Beblawi.

Housing minister Ibrahim Mahlab and finance minister Ahmed Jalal were advisors to Jamal Mubarak and members of the Policies Committee of Mubarak’s “dissolved” National Party. Abdul-Ghani also noted that the minister of local development, Adel Labib, was a former General in the notorious State Security Service during Mubarak’s time in office and he was the governor of Alexandria when Khaled Sayeed was killed in police custody.

The interim government chosen by Al-Beblawi was sworn in on Tuesday evening; it includes three women.