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Second statement by the Coalition of Officers against Politicisation

February 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Compassionate

We have monitored the reactions to our first statement; some hailed it, some were critical and some were fearful. However, all of the reactions doubted our credibility, power and actual existence. As such, we issue this statement including some information intended to cast aside all doubts.

We have warned about politicising the armed forces in general and, in particular about the measures taken on June 30, 2013 because they represent a threat to the whole Egyptian society. These measures endanger the Egyptian army, and we see these threats represented by the following:

  1. Security services seconded to the armed forces detained officers and personnel from the army illegally. Our sources from inside the air force monitored the detention of Major Amr Ibrahim, from Military Technician Batch 40, since Saturday July 6, 2013 in a place controlled by the military police. We have information about the names of more than 50 other officers who have been detained.
  2. Resignations from the armed forces mean that they lose many competent officers. Our sources from inside the air force leadership reported the resignation of Major Ahmed Farouq, Military Technician Batch 38. He submitted his resignation as a protest against the July 3 coup. This is a big loss to the armed forces as the man has been known for his competence and skills. We also have information that Farouq was summoned by the military air forces group 75 on several occasions.
  3. The senior officers of the armed forces lost the respect of their staff as they were fearful and obliged to use military cars bearing civilian number plates instead of the original military plates.
  4. Armed forces personnel feel embarrassed and their morale has suffered since they were asked to remove their uniforms when moving around outside their barracks. This started after the massacre outside the Republican Guards Club.
  5. Military principles and values represented by respect for senior officers were damaged by the sight of the Supreme head of the Armed Forces kidnapped and detained in an unknown location. However, we know where President Mohamed Morsi is being detained. He was detained at first inside a military base in Cairo and, several days ago, he was taken to a coastal city in the north of Egypt. We do not want to reveal the new location in order to avoid trouble with local citizens but we affirm that we know his whereabouts and are going to continue monitoring his situation.
  6. We know that the Egyptian media is run by the intelligence services and the administration of moral affairs. We know that all rumours are created by the intelligence services, proposed to the armed forces to choose whatever they want and then dictated by the media to direct public opinion.

It is in our interests to protect the country and the nation, so we would like to issue several messages in the hope that they reach their intended destinations.

  1. The party which runs the country is the general leadership of the armed forces, especially the security services. Therefore, they have to bear in mind the dangerous situation the country is passing through and deal with the issues with more wisdom as soon as possible before things deteriorate further.
  2. We regret the daily fall of more casualties, especially the ladies from Al-Mansoura, at the hands of thugs among Egyptians. Therefore, we announce that we will not keep silent any longer watching all this bloodshed since the oath we swore to protect the country is going to drive us to protect it unless the country’s leadership does so very soon.
  3. The general leadership of the armed forces has taken the side of one section of society against the others, who have been attacked and killed in front of the country’s leaders. The victims are the neighbours, relatives and friends of officers and men in the armed forces. This is, inevitably, leading to more anger within the armed forces and this could explode.
  4. The Coalition of Officers against Politicisation announces that it is growing day by day and it will not stay silent while watching all this repression and killings of Egyptians. Our reaction will be decisive and calculated.
  5. Finally, we express our deep concerns and condolences to the Egyptians for the killings, especially of women and armed forces personnel killed in the bus accident in the Western Military Area.

We ask Allah to protect the blood of Egypt, Egyptians and our great army. Ameen.