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PA refuses to increase amount of fuel sent to Gaza

The Palestinian Authority in Ramallah is refusing to increase the amount of fuel sent to the besieged Gaza Strip. A spokesman for the owners of oil companies in Gaza, Mohammed Al-A`badleh, said that officials within the PA's Petroleum Authority continue to reject requests for an increase, which would ease the fuel crisis in the territory.

He pointed out that Gaza is experiencing a "very complicated" fuel crisis due to the PA's procedures. "It is refusing to help Gaza to overcome the difficulties caused by this crisis." A'badleh warned that the fuel crisis will get "very dangerous" in the coming hours, posing a threat to the continuation of everyday essential services. He demanded that the PA in Ramallah "should take a humanitarian view towards Gaza, away from the political calculations which harm Palestinian citizens and increase their suffering."

The Gaza Strip needs 1.2 million litres of fuel a day to maintain regular services. Around half of that amount is allowed to pass through the Kerem Shalom border crossing from Israel.

Source: Al Resalah

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