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Israel to complete security fence with Egypt

February 10, 2014 at 11:11 am

Israel’s Channel 2 television reported on Tuesday evening that Israel has now completed 230 kilometres out of the planned 245 kilometres of razor wire fence that stretches from Rafah city on the Mediterranean to Israel’s Red Sea port in Eilat. According to the news channel, Israel needs another year to finish the overall construction, which by then will have taken three and a half years.

An Israeli army officer attributed the construction’s slow pace to the area’s complex terrain, which is characterised by its deep valleys and rocky hills. He also pointed out that Israel has faced several security challenges during the past few years because of armed assaults against its troops near the border, leaving several soldiers dead or wounded. The officer said the security fence aims to prevent terrorist operations and the illegal smuggling of drugs and human organs, as well illegal immigrants from entering Israel. However, he added that it cannot prevent the launching of rockets at Eilat.

According to the news channel, Israel is considering the establishment of another security fence under the water.