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Israeli occupation carries out multiple airstrikes in the Gaza Strip

February 10, 2014 at 12:49 pm

Israeli warplanes carried out on Wednesday night a series of airstrikes against the Gaza Strip, leaving dozens of Palestinian children traumatised.

Witnesses said that several sites throughout the Strip were targeted last night by Israeli F16s. Most of the strikes targeted empty areas, but were still close to residential neighbourhoods.

Palestinian medical sources reported that dozens of children were rushed to the hospital and treated for trauma; however, no serious causalities were reported.

A number of Israeli drones continue to fly over the Strip and their sound roars heavily in the skies. “We have no tranquility,” a shopkeeper said. “With their noise, drones spoil our life.”

Hundreds of Palestinian families have already made preparations to evacuate houses that are near to police and security headquarters because they fear that the Israeli occupation will soon carry out an offensive similar to the one last year.

“In 2008, the war was in December and in 2011, it was in November,” Zeinab, a school girl, told MEMO. “I packed our luggage at the beginning of this month and am ready to flee.”

Ameera, who lives near to a police station, said that she has asked her mother to be ready. “When she refused, I reminded her of last year’s war as we could not take any of our luggage when we fled,” she explained.

Occupation forces claim, according to Israeli media, that they carried out the strikes in response to mortar attacks fired from the Gaza Strip towards the occupied Negev. However, Palestinian factions have denied any such attack.

Meanwhile, Israeli occupation forces swept through several Palestinian cities in the occupied West Bank. Witnesses said that more than 30 military vehicles broke into different cities to inspect dozens of houses, damaging much of their properties.

Palestinian sources reported that at least 25 Palestinian citizen were arrested.