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Kuwait is the first country to reject Egypt's call to blacklist Muslim Brotherhood

The Kuwaiti government has refused to consider the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation, saying that this is considered an internal Egyptian issue.

Observers considered Kuwait's decision a huge rebuff to the coup authorities in Egypt. Their decision was supported by other countries.

Head of the media and information committee in the Kuwaiti interior ministry Colonel Adel al-Hashash said: "Kuwait has nothing to do with considering the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation."

AFP reported on Saturday morning that the Egyptian foreign minister Nabeel Fahmi had called for the international community to support Egypt in its war against "terrorism." It said that by the word "terrorism" Fahmi meant the Muslim Brotherhood.

The French news agency reported Fahmi saying in New York: "I am convinced that the international community, which has rejected terrorism for a long time, will support Egyptian people in their fight against terrorism and its supporters."

He added: "It [the international community] will not accept any attempt to justify terrorism or keep silent towards it."

Source: Alamatonline

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