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Netanyahu to the Knesset: a bad deal could lead to war

February 10, 2014 at 2:01 pm

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his rejection of the proposed deal between Iran and a number of Western states.

“There are not just two possibilities on the Iranian issue, a bad deal or war. This is incorrect. There is a third possibility and that is continuing the pressure of sanctions,” Netanyahu said in the Knesset. “I would even say that a bad deal is liable to lead to the second, undesired result.”

Netanyahu claimed that a new, good deal could be achieved and “Iran’s military nuclear capability” could be dismantled. “This cannot be achieved by the proposal now being discussed in Geneva. That proposal would make a gaping hole in the sanctions through which air could escape from the pressure of the sanctions,” he said.

During a Knesset hearing held after 40 Knesset members signed a request that the Prime Minister give a statement at the Knesset and answer the opposition’s questions about the issue of housing, Netanyahu revealed that over the past years his government has approved and established tens of thousands of housing units in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

He also asked the Israeli Housing Minister Uri Ariel to scrap plans to build over 20,000 new units in order to avoid “an unnecessary confrontation with the international community.”