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Palestinian-Americans to sue perpetrators of 'price tag' attacks

February 10, 2014 at 12:13 pm


A group of American citizens with Palestinian heritage are filing a complaint with a New York court against an extremist Israeli organisation responsible for “price tag” attacks, demanding that the US include the organisation in the list of banned terrorist organisations in the US.

The mayor of the Jabaa Village Council in the north of Jerusalem, Abdul Karim Bisharat, told that 15 plaintiffs will file the complaint with a US court, seeking to prosecute members of the extremist organisation for assaulting Palestinians, and aiming to freeze its funds. Bisharat explained that the 15 plaintiffs are all US citizens who have been attacked by members of the organisation in the West Bank, noting that “the lawsuit is ready to be presented to the court. We hope the judge will accept it.”

Bisharat explained: “a Palestinian American lawyer will file the lawsuit and the Palestinian Authority has nothing to do with the case.” The plaintiffs accuse the organisation of “killing, attacking and burning private the property and cutting olive trees”, while Bisharat will also sue the organisation for burning his village’s local mosque. According to Bisharat, this is the first lawsuit of its kind to be submitted before a US court that is similar to former actions by Israel against Hamas and Hezbollah.

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