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Confidential documents reveal Dahlan's efforts to divide Fatah ranks in Jordan

The Secrets of Arabia web site has obtained confidential documents from the Palestinian Fatah movement, including a report despatched from Fatah's branch in Jordan to its leadership in Ramallah. The report claims that former Fatah leader Mohammad Dahlan, who currently resides in the United Arab Emirates, is actively working in Jordan and has managed to create wedge within the movement's ranks against the leadership in Ramallah headed by Mahmoud Abbas.

According to the report, Fatah's branch in Jordan recruited Wael Al-Shahri and Khalid Radwan to act as secret agents within Dahlan's group, giving them $100 and $150 payments in exchange for information.

The report claims that Dahlan has managed to create a wedge in Fatah's ranks in the Al-Husun and Jerash refugee camps, both located in northern Jordan.

However the report reassured the leadership in Ramallah that local leaders in Jordan will follow up with Dahlan's activities in Jordan.

Source: asrararabiya.com

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