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Gazan student shows that necessity is the mother of all inventions

February 11, 2014 at 1:34 pm


As electricity and gas shortages continue to cripple the Gaza Strip one student has developed an ingenious method to combat the problem. 18 year old Ibrahim Saad has designed and built equipment, in his home workshop, that will convert hydrogen gas, using water and chemicals, to power an electricity generator and produce cooking gas. Using basic resources to produce the equipment the innovative young student has come up with a solution to tackle the energy problems of the Strip. Though it’s unlikely that he would be able to mass produce such equipment, he has at least found a way to deal with his family’s immediate needs for energy.

The Gaza Strip has been blockaded since 2006, recent turmoil in Egypt has caused the situation to worsen and the energy crisis has worsened. Following the Egyptian coup, there have been numerous closures of tunnels between Egypt and Gaza, preventing the import of gas and fuel into the Strip. Gazans have now been forced to rely on Israel to import their fuel, but at much higher prices much higher. Since the turmoil in Egypt, Gaza increased its fuel import from Israel from 235, 000 to 700, 000 litres of petrol within a week.

Throughout the seven year-long blockade, Gaza’s only power plant has faced closure on a number of occasions. Earlier this month fuel shortages once again brought the power plant close to closure. As the situation currently looks set to worsen, or at least stay stable, such inventions as Ibrahim Saad’s may only become more common as Gazan’s look for alternative ways to power their homes and businesses and continue living under siege.

Photographer : Ashraf Amra

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