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Israelis launch new incitement campaign against Hamas

February 11, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Israeli occupation forces have launched a new incitement campaign against the Islamist Palestinian movement Hamas, which has controlled the Gaza Strip since mid 2007.

So far, the campaign has taken the form of a series of intimidating messages sent directly to the personal cell phones of Gaza’s residents.

According to witnesses who received one or more of these messages, the aim is to incite Palestinians against Hamas. The Israeli occupation, through the calls, is trying to pressure the residents to distance themselves from their own government.

One of the messages said, “To the residents of the Gaza Strip: The Israeli Defence Forces warn you of accepting Hamas orders or even getting close to the movement. Be aware that Hamas spends millions of US dollars on tunnels, which are used to carry out hostile and terrorist actions against Israel.”

The message continued: “Keep far away from Hamas and be aware that this money is your right and it should have been spent on infrastructure, education and health projects. The money is the right of the innocent residents of the Gaza Strip.”

Ending the message, the call cryptically warns: “Hamas is leading you to the unknown future.”

Commenting on the messages, the spokesperson of the interior ministry in Gaza, Islam Shahwan, said: “This is a desperate attempt by the Israeli occupation to incite against the Palestinian government.”

He added: “The occupation army wants to regain confidence in its deterrence capabilities after being shaken from the repeated defeats by the Palestinian resistance.”