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Israel's negotiating team says Abbas has retreated from a permanent solution

A member of the Israel negotiating team had said the Palestinian Authority chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, has softened his opposition towards a proposed interim solution like that of the Oslo agreement, saying that he is looking to make “achievements.”

Israeli radio quoted members of the Israeli negotiating team as saying, “the Palestinian Authority chairman, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has recently softened his strong opposition to an interim and temporary proposal with Israel, similar to Oslo Accords, and contrary to statements by many Palestinian officials close to him.”

“It seems now, three months after the resumption of negotiations with Israel, that the Palestinian Authority president, who reiterated his insistence on a permanent solution to Jerusalem and the refugee issues, has recently amended his position.”

They pointed out that Abbas’ associates in the Palestinian Authority leadership are looking for a solution to the hardest issues, namely Jerusalem, refugees and seeks to present “achievements” to the Palestinian people.

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