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Jordanian Brotherhood to protest against treaty with Israel

February 11, 2014 at 12:48 pm

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan is preparing for a mass demonstration on the 25th of October, the anniversary of the country’s signing of the Wadi Araba Treaty with Israel.

The movement’s deputy leader in Jordan, Zaki Bani Rsheid, said that the protest is to reconfirm the Brotherhood’s rejection the treaty and support for Al-Aqsa Mosque and other Islamic sites in occupied Palestine. The exact location of the demonstration will be revealed in the next few days.

When it signed the Wadi Araba agreement, on October 26, 1994, Jordan became the second Arab country to sign a peace treaty and normalise relations with the Israeli occupation authorities.

The terms of the agreement include the demarcation of the border between Jordan and Israel, the full normalisation of relations between the two states and the prevention of armed attacks across the border. Jordan is confirmed as having oversight of Islamic holy places in occupied Jerusalem and there was supposed to be an equitable distribution of water from the River Jordan and the Wadi Araba basin. Discussions about Palestinian refugee issues were deferred at the time.