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Palestinian Islamic movements form joint body to oversee common activities

February 11, 2014 at 2:20 pm

In light of the latest developments in the region, Palestinian Islamic movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad have announced that they are forming a joint body to cooperate on political, syndicate and student levels.

Prominent Hamas leader in Gaza Mahmoud Al-Zahar confirmed to MEMO the formation of this body during a meeting of leaders from both movements under the title “latest unilateral political and syndicate developments.”

Al-Zahar said that his movement has held seven meetings with Islamic Jihad, noting that four leaders from each movement were chosen to run the new body.

On the reason behind these efforts, Al-Zahar explained: “Both movements have the same goals and are based on the same beliefs.”

For his part, Islamic Jihad leader Mohamed Al-Hindi said that the American-Israeli attempts to undermine “an Islamic awakening” in the region is enough of a reason for Islamic movements to unite