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Security advisor says Israel should continue with negotiations to escape international pressure

February 11, 2014 at 9:52 am

Israel’s National Security advisor General Yaakov Amidror warned on Sunday that if the political process with the Palestinian Authority collapsed, it could escalate international pressure and the boycott against Israel.

Amidror said: “the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority are very important. Israel should make efforts to keep them going because they have a positive impact on all fronts. Obviously, escaping international pressure is related to achieving progress in the negotiations. If the negotiations collapsed, then it would provide justifications for those who wish to boycott Israel to do so.” Amidror pointed in particular to the European trend of boycotting Israel, which could become more effective if the negotiations collapsed.

According to Amidror, the weakened status of the US in the Middle East hurts Israel’s status as well. He explained that, “those who wish to weaken President Obama must take into account that it will weaken Israel too.”

Amidror also commented on the Iranian issue, saying that “Israel must continue to prepare itself against the Iranian threat since no substantive change has taken place yet. The economic sanctions and the threat of a military strike have so far proven to be effective in dealing with Iran.”

Amidror continued that, “Israel faces a clear existential threat and should make every effort to remove it, either through negotiations or otherwise. The Middle East today is changing and we anticipate many more shifts in the region. This is perhaps the most complex situation we have faced in 40 years, which requires careful thinking.”