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Hamas denies involvement in Sinai instability

The Deputy Head of the Hamas political bureau has denied any involvement by the Islamic Resistance Movement or its military wing in the current instability in the Sinai Peninsula. Mousa Abu Marzouk, who lives in Cairo, insisted that the people of Gaza will never be hostile towards Egypt.

Writing on his Facebook page, Abu Marzook said that it is "unreasonable" to think otherwise. "If Hamas was ready to agree a truce with Israel through Egypt's mediation, is it reasonable to think that Hamas would ever try to start a war with Egypt?" he asked. "The people of Gaza get many of the daily essentials from Egypt or through Egypt, so why fight against Egypt?"

The senior Hamas official rejected claims that hand grenades found in Sinai and identified as belonging to the movement's military wing prove Hamas involvement in smuggling weapons for use against the Egyptians.

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