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Students campaign to expel Dahlan from UAE

Hundreds of students in the United Arab Emirates have signed-up to a Twitter campaign to expel one-time Fatah strongman Mohammed Dahlan from the country. The students insist that Dahlan has "betrayed" the Palestinian cause for Israel's benefit and are asking the Emirates government why they allow "Israel's number one client" to stay in the UAE.

Under the theme "Expel Dahlan from the country", the activists have stressed their belief that Dahlan's "nasty streak" in spreading "misleading" ideas about Palestine has already started to be reflected in public attitudes towards the issue. They accuse the government of supporting a "criminal" whose work has led to the deaths of his own people as well as promoted the Israelis at the expense of Islamists. The campaign is pushing for the UAE government to be more discerning about allowing such "criminals" into the country: "Those who are being valued by the Emirati authorities," they allege, "sell their own land and kill their own people."

Previous reports suggest that Dahlan, a former leader in the Palestinian Fatah movement who occupied a senior security position with the Palestinian Authority, is the instigator of a number of acts of sabotage against the Egyptian army and police in Sinai, near the Gaza Strip. These, it is claimed, have been coordinated with parties in Egypt in order to blame Hamas and incite distrust and hatred among Egyptians against the Islamic Resistance Movement and the Palestinians in Gaza.

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