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UAE Crown Prince survives assassination attempt in Cairo

February 12, 2014 at 3:34 pm

UAE’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin-Zayed survived an assassination attempt while on the way to Cairo’s International Airport on Monday, the Asrar Arabia website reports.

However Egypt’s official Middle East News Agency denied the assassination attempt and said instead that he survived a car accident.

The UAE’s embassy in Cairo issued a statement denying both the assassination attempt and the car accident. The statement said that all related news is only rumour.

Asrar Arabia sources claimed that Bin-Zayed’s convoy was targeted by heavy shooting while enroute to Cairo’s International Airport. The sources said that one of the cars was directly hit and the convoy was derailed.

Activists on social media believe that there was indeed an assassination attempt, and ridiculed the statement that it was just a car accident. One tweeted: “How can a car accident take place when [the] streets are always empty while [the] cars of officials pass across?”

It is worth mentioning that numerous reports suggest that Bin-Zayed played a major role in orchestrating the recent military coup in Egypt.

It is said that he personally persuaded General Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi to carry out the coup that removed the freely elected President Mohammed Morsi and to launch a campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood.