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Hamas denies that its members have been arrested in Egypt

February 13, 2014 at 2:02 am

The Islamic Resistance Movement has denied news reports published in Egypt about the arrest of its members in Rafah. Hamas criticised the media for relying on Israeli sources for such “news”.

Spokesman Dr Sami Abu Zuhri said in a press statement on Sunday, “What confirms this is the contradiction in the content of the news between one source and another.” According to a report in Al-Watan newspaper, he said, the number of the detainees was 5 and they were arrested in the Egyptian city of Rafah after entering the country through the tunnels. “Meanwhile, Sada Al-Balad newspaper reported that 7 people were arrested inside one of the tunnels, citing unknown sources.”

Hamas renewed its denouncement of the “incitement and hatred campaign” waged by the Egyptian media against the Palestinian people and the resistance in the Gaza Strip.

The spokesman condemned the Egyptian media for depending on Israeli sources, such as the intelligence website of Teck Deepak, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and others. “They are hostile Israeli sites which have always published lies about the Islamic resistance without any evidence, but the Egyptian media, unfortunately, welcomes such lies and works to promote them.” This, added Hamas, proves that there is coordination between the Egyptian and Israeli media to harm the image of Palestinians.