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Retired Egyptian Major General: June 30th is a conspiracy against Egypt

February 13, 2014 at 5:53 am

Major General Abdul Hamid Omran, President Morsi’s strategic expert, has said that the government should not wait until June 30th when matters will potentially be chaotic, but to take strict primitive measures against recent calls for destruction. It is hoped that this will prevent the criminal acts being planned to burn Egypt and put it in a state of disorder in the upcoming days.

He also said he expects an increase in the pace of destruction and violence over the next few days. He explained that the key to preventing such actions is through the satellite television channels that organise these protests of destruction, plan out their routes and fund them. He mentioned about 4 stations that spearhead these schemes.

Omran also added that an immediate state decision by President Morsi was needed to suspend the work of these stations, because what we are facing is a matter of national security. Moreover, politicians inciting acts of violence also require a resolution from the President.

He explained that such politicians speak about peace and about protests that remain peaceful, while knowing very well that they are planning acts of extreme violence that is multiple times worse than any previous incidents. He noted that these politicians must realise that they are destroying their own country.

Omran urged the opposition to realise that Egypt is their country and that they must think with their national conscience about what things may be like if President Morsi left office and what state the country would be in. He also asked them to think about how a government or institution could become stable in their country, pointing out that they must also realise that through their actions, they are invalidating legitimacy and hindering the democratic path.

Major General Omran revealed a report broadcasted by “Al-Hafez” TV talking about the relationship between the US and Israel on one hand, and the Egyptian judiciary on the other. This connection aims to stop President Morsi from building up the state’s institutions. He also added that this explains the President’s insistence on going forward with building the state’s institutions and the reason behind the rulings made by the Constitutional Court destroying any institutions built in this fatigued country.

He also noted that the matter has turned into a race between reform carried out by President Morsi, and destruction caused by groups opposing the President. He urged the President to hasten the pace of reform in order for the mischievous to lose their chance for corruption.

He stressed that the motive behind calling for the fall of President Morsi is the extreme hatred of the Islamic trend, which Morsi represents in this conflict. He added that they were covetous of authority and were willing to sacrifice the country and its interests for the sake of their personal gain.

Omran expressed his prediction that a great dispute and conflict would arise amongst those calling for the fall of the President, explaining that each one of these individuals have their own greedy ambitions and that they will fight to realise them, since each one represents a different trend.

He denounced the comparisons between the deposed President, Mubarak, and the elected President, Morsi. Mubarak was a traitor, an agent for Israel and served the purposes of the country’s enemies; whereas President Morsi is not corrupt and is keen on reform and the country’s interests. Moreover, he has only been in power for one year during which scheming, plotting and corruption have stopped him from playing his role.

Omran said that the circle calling the shots and setting the dates and plans for such acts of destruction is anonymous, but he stressed that they were the enemies of Egypt and described the party and movement leaders as followers of such circles.

Moreover, he added that they are being exploited by foreign parties and are accomplices as they know they are being used, but they accept it to achieve their personal purposes of rising to power and overthrowing the Islamic trend.

He asked those who call for the overthrow of the President to wait until authority is distributed through a peaceful and democratic manner that ensures the safety of the county and prevents it from falling into a cycle of violence and chaos.

The Major General reiterated his conviction of what Engineer Assem Abdel-Maged revealed concerning the preparations for the protests to overthrow the President carried out by these circles, including the preparation of weapons and machine guns. However, they say to the media “we are peaceful and do not exercise violence.” He asked, “Who are you kidding? Will the people believe them after this?”