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Is Muhammad Al-Durrah still alive?

February 14, 2014 at 12:35 pm

On September 30, 2000, Muhammad Al-Durrah was killed in the arms of his father by Israeli army gunfire at the Al-Shohada Junction in the Gaza Strip. This was filmed by cameras from the France 2 news channel.

Since this is a resounding crime and a scandal that reveals the true conduct of Israeli soldiers and their manner of dealing with civilians, Israel has tried to fudge the story.

It was later claimed that the footage of this tragedy that stirred the emotions of the world and was watched by everyone, was fabricated and a Jewish kippah was placed on Muhammad’s father, Jamal’s head.

There are also other claims that the gunfire directed at the father and son was from Palestinians.

All these attempts divert attention from the truth have failed, as the French president ordered the airing of the footage at the time of the incident.

With the memory of this crime being brought up again, the Israelis are trying yet again to fudge the matter and make false claims to cover up the crime.

In the past two days, official Israeli sources have stated that Muhammad Al-Durrah was not killed and is still alive. This statement sparked the anger of Palestinians, including the child’s father, Jamal, who was shot at the time and is still undergoing surgical operations.

During our interview with him, Jamal Al-Durrah said he was willing to exhume his son’s grave and open it in the presence of an international investigative committee, including influential Arab figures, to confirm the death of his son and prove that the Israeli allegation is a lie.

It has even come to the point that the Israeli side has demanded that the French channel give up the footage and admit that it was not the Israelis who opened fire; that it was a falsification of facts. Moreover, Muhammad Al-Durrah’s father has received threatening phone calls on his mobile phone from the Israelis warning him against going through with the exhumation and revealing the truth.

Several Arab and Western media outlets are following the matter closely and responding to Israeli allegations.