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Israeli forces detain five minors & three security officers, & kidnaps one

February 14, 2014 at 11:57 am

Undercover Israeli forces on Wednesday morning kidnapped a Palestinian citizen from Jenin in the northern West Bank. Eight orphans and three Palestinian security officers were also arrested from other parts of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Witnesses said that a number of Israeli forces wearing the uniform of Palestinian workers got out of a white car and attacked two Palestinians. They kidnapped Shojaa Qurainin, 25, and fled. No information is as yet known about his whereabouts. Medical sources said that the other citizen, Rabee Jaradat, 24, was admitted to hospital for treatment of light wounds.

Residents from the area where the attack took place reported that a group of Israeli military forces arrived, erected a military checkpoint and started checking cars.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces detained five Palestinian pupils from an orphanage in Jerusalem over an alleged attack on an Israeli settler.

Headmaster of the Islamic Orphan School, MAzen Jamjoum, said that the pupils were arrested immediately after leaving the school and that they are aged between 13 and 15 years old. One of the children was arrested while with a teacher.

Jamjoum said that he visited the police station at the Bab Al-Buraq Gate of the Al-Aqsa Mosque to inquire about why the students had been arrested. He said that the Israeli police told him they were going to check their CCTV cameras to get more details about the alleged attack on the settler.

In pre-dawn raids on Nablus, Tobas and Qalqilya, Israeli occupation forces swept the houses of three Palestinian security officers and arrested them.

The officers are accused of killing an Israeli settler in April 2011 during a settler invasion of the Tomb of Youssef in Nablus in the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian author said that the settlers broke into the Tomb and clashes with Palestinian citizens erupted.

In an effort to crackdown on the clashes, the Palestinian security officers fired in the air and as the settler fled, his car hit a plastic Palestinian police barrier.

The Palestinian Authority carried out an investigation into the incident and detained four Palestinian officers accordingly; each for six months.

Israelis protested against the light sentences and pushed the Palestinians to sue the culprits again. Three got one year and the fourth got four years in prison. Those sentenced to one year have been recently released after serving their full sentence.

They are Nawwaf Bani-Owdeh from Tobas, Saleh Hamid from Ramallah and Wael Daud from Qalqilya.