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Poll: 39 per cent of Egyptians have not heard about the Salvation Front

February 14, 2014 at 9:13 am

The Egyptian opposition could not influence Egyptian public opinion even if all secular and liberal parties were united under a single umbrella, USA Today has said. The Salvation Front does not enjoy popularity among Egyptians because people naturally tend toward religion.

In addition, The Egyptian Centre for Public Opinion Research has recently conducted a poll which found that 39 per cent of the Egyptians polled had never heard of the Salvation Front. However, the American newspaper said, this front includes more than 20 different political parties.

The newspaper attributed the problems of the Salvation Front to its chief, Mohamed al-Baradee, who failed to get the support of many opposition parties included in the front, as well as the people who adhere to it.

Much discrepancy exists among the parties of the Salvation Front based on different and opposing political and economic views.

According to the newspaper, opponents of President Mohamed Morsi who criticising his government’s policies have not achieved any significant success. They have failed to both agree on a candidate and present a solution for the crisis the country is suffering from.

The newspaper reported the director of The Egyptian Centre for Public Opinion Research, Majed Othman, as saying: “The problem of the Liberals is that they lack and clear vision for the future of the country.”