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Barack calls for two-state solution and united security framework to tackle regional instability

February 15, 2014 at 1:27 pm

Just days after leaving office, the former Israeli Defence Minister, Ehud Barack, has suggested the two-state solution and a Regional Security Framework to deal with the unexpected instability resulting from the Arab Spring.

Barack wrote an article published in The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday saying that US president Obama’s visit to the region came at a “decisive juncture” for the Middle East and that it “offers opportunities” to reach “strategic” solutions.

In the light of the threats posed by “global terror groups” he claimed to be present in the region, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power, Barack asserted that one has to learn lessons. No one could have predicted the revolutions in the Arab world.

To face all these challenges, the former Israeli minister suggested that the United States, moderate Arab regimes and Israel to tackle them.

The veteran Israeli militant’s plan posed a solution within which the three aforementioned sides form a “Regional Security Framework that will focus on fighting terror, protecting border security and maintaining a missile defence.”

Additionally, the three sides “should launch a daring peace initiative vis-à-vis the Palestinians.” He suggested that the peace negotiations should be discussing the two-state solution, as he stressed that it is the “only viable solution.”

Barack expected that this solution would guarantee “Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state.” On the other hand, if this end is not achieved, he expected to face a “slippery slope toward a bi-national state that would endanger Israel’s future.”

If an agreement on the two-state solution is not achieved, Barack suggested that interim agreements on, for example, security and borders should be drawn up. If such agreements were not feasible, he suggested unilateral measures be taken by Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) separately.

He suggested, for example, that Israel build settlements only on what he said was “solely Israeli land,” and that it take steps towards an independent PA economy.

Regarding Iran, Barack considered it the most dangerous threat on Israel. He stressed the necessity to eliminate its nuclear ambition and to end its “hegemonic” attempts.

Barack warned against the folly of not eliminating Iran’s nuclear ambitions given, as he claimed, its increasing support for terror groups. According to his expectations, they will eventually frighten the world under the umbrella of a nuclear power.

Finishing his article, he stressed the importance of achieving the aforementioned goals; reviving the peace process, achieving a triangle alliance between US, moderate Arab states and Israel and ending Iran’s nuclear ambitions..