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Jordanian parliament calls for the expulsion of Israeli ambassador to Amman

February 15, 2014 at 12:20 pm

The Jordanian Parliament has voted overwhelmingly for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Amman, Daniel Nevo, and recalled the Jordanian ambassador to Tel-Aviv, Waleed Obaidat, Safa Palestinian news agency has said.

The Parliamentarian, Abdul-Kareem al-Daghmi, said: “The decision to expel the Israeli ambassador to Amman is obligatory on the government. In the case that it is not implemented, the Parliament would be considered a failure.”

A group of Parliamentarians called for the announcement of “war against Israel” in response to the continuous “Israeli aggressions” on the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Another group called for “Jihad against Israel.”

Prior to the expulsion decision, 26 Parliamentarians had called for a review of the Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty known as ‘Wadi Araba’.

The parliamentarians called for the drafting of a law “demanding the review of that which led to the approval of the peace treaty.”

“The reasons behind their call for this draft law, the parliamentarians said, are the repeated and intentional Israeli breaches of the treaty’s articles. Jordanians initially refused the treaty because of hostile Israeli policies toward Palestinians.”

They also said that Israeli refusal to implement international community resolutions regarding Palestine is a third reason for their call to review the treaty.

Meanwhile, a third group of Parliamentarians called for an end to Israeli planes violating Jordanian air space.