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Racist attack on woman in Jerusalem as Israeli forces detain more Palestinians

February 15, 2014 at 1:25 pm

An Israeli woman attacked an Arab lady at a Light Rail Station in Jerusalem yesterday as security forces continued to detain more Palestinians across the occupied West Bank.

The attack on the Arab lady was described by Jewish photographer Dorit Yorden-Dotan as “racist”. She told newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, “A young religious Jewish woman who passed by the station suddenly punched the Arab woman in the face, while she was standing there. When the woman tried to defend herself, the attacker’s friends came to her assistance, started hitting her and pushed her toward the station wall.” The group of attackers then yelled, “Don’t you dare touch a Jew” and “You have no business being here”, said Ms. Yorden-Dotan. “The Light Rail security guard was there but he did nothing, he didn’t get involved,” she added.

As this incident was unfolding, Israeli forces detained 11 more Palestinians, including a female physician, in Hebron, Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Two people were wounded during the arrests.

Local sources in Jerusalem said that large numbers of Israeli soldiers swept into Silwan neighbourhood in the city and detained mother of five Dr. Amani Odeh, 25, after searching and damaging her home and clinic. During the operation, clashes erupted with bystanders and the Israeli soldiers fired plastic bullets, wounding Roba Odeh, the wife of prisoner Mosa Odeh who is being held by Israel. She was rushed first to Al-Maqasid Hospital but due to the nature of the injuries to her face she was transferred to Hadassa Ein-Kerem Hospital.

The occupation forces also detained Khalid Showeeki, 33, and Adli Maragha, 31, after searching their homes. The Israelis confiscated their computers, mobile phones and cars.

In Hebron, Israeli soldiers detained Iyad al-Atawneh, 23, and Mohammed al-Atawneh, 22; the men were in their homes at the time of the arrests.

Two military checkpoints were erected at the entrances of Beit-Aynoun and Halahoul to the north of the city. Witnesses said that the Israelis fired plastic bullets at a group of youths who threw stones at them. One of the youths was injured and taken to hospital.

Six Palestinians were also arrested in and around Bethlehem. Local sources said that a large contingent of Israeli soldiers swept through several neighbourhoods. The detained men were named as Shadi al-Harimi, 20; Ahmed al-Harimi, 19; Osaid Hamamreh, 20; Deyaa Hamamreh, 20; Yaser Thawabteh, 18; and Amer Odeh, 21.