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Ban Ki-Moon: international community must support Egypt during transition phase

February 16, 2014 at 3:38 pm

U.N Secretary- General, Ban Ki-Moon, has called on the international community to provide “effective aid” to Egypt to help it overcome the transition phase it currently faces.

The U.N Secretary-General stated that we must resist the temptation to view the current conflicts in Egypt and Libya as proof that the former regimes of the countries were better, especially since history firmly proves that turmoil after revolutions are a temporary phenomenon.

Ki-Moon, who addressed the Council on Foreign Relations last night in New York, also added that the international community has a responsibility to attend to these transitions with meaningful contributions, pointing out that the people in and out of the Arab world want real change, not grudging, cosmetic adjustments.”

He went on to say, “We must remember that countries emerging from transitions or dictatorial rule will not be following in the footsteps of Jefferson’s democracy or be as calm as the Swiss. The road will be bumpy.”

With regards to the Syrian portfolio, the U.N Secretary-General said that Syria is going through what is called systematic self-destruction. Almost 2 years later, we are no longer keeping track of days by hours, but by the number of bodies and deaths, as there are 100, 200, or 300 deaths a day.

The Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, warned against the aggravation of factional hatred and the increase in war crimes and sexual assault. He also stated that four million people (i.e. 1 in every 5 Syrians) are in need of immediate aid, whereas three quarters of a million people have fled to neighbouring countries and the dangers of instability in the area have increased.

Furthermore, he added that pledges made by regional and international donor countries at the conference in Kuwait two weeks ago will help alleviate some of Syria’s pain; however, he described this aid as being, “definitely not enough. It will only treat the symptoms of the conflict, and our responsibility is to reach the roots and end the violence.”

Ki-Moon also reiterated his demand that the Security Council take action and no longer stand on the side lines, silently witnessing the slaughter. “It must be willing, at long last, to come together and establish the parameters for the democratic transition that could save Syria” he said.

Ban Ki-Moon described the offer made by the National Coalition leader, Mouath Al-Khatib, to start discussions with representatives of the Syrian government as “an opportunity not to be missed”, and urged the Syrian government to accept Al-Khatib’s proposal because it is “a chance to switch from a destructive military logic to a promising political approach.”