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Al-Nahda denies that Ghannoushi spoke exclusively to Voice of Israel Radio

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

A spokesman for Tunisia’s ruling Al-Nahda Party has denied that leader Rashid Ghannoushi gave an exclusive interview to Voice of Israel Radio during his visit to the Davos Economic Forum. Naguib Al-Gharbi said that the statements attributed to Ghannoushi were made at a press conference attended by more than 60 journalists from around the world. No exclusives were given to any media outlet, Israeli or otherwise.

Israel has been pursuing Mr. Ghannoushi since the nineties and has taken every opportunity to try to discredit him politically, claims Al-Gharbi. “The Israelis adopted the same sort of tactics during the party leader’s visits to Algeria and the United States,” he added.