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Call for international inquiry into conditions for sick prisoners in Israeli jails

Following the refusal of the Israel authorities to allow Palestinian and international medical teams into their prisons, a call has been made for an international inquiry into the conditions in which seriously ill prisoners are being held.

A national Palestinian committee for prisoners' affairs said that the circle of physical and psychological violence against prisoners continues to get wider. "This calls for a lobby made up of Palestinian, Arab and international human rights groups to rally world opinion." The intention would be to expand the solidarity campaigns and focus on the portfolio of sick prisoners in Israeli jails.

In a statement sent to the local media, the committee also demanded that pressure be put on the Israeli occupation authorities to get them to close the Ramle Prison hospital as it lacks the minimum elements of medical care. The committee also calls for the closure of Hasharon Prison which, it is alleged, lacks the minimum humanitarian necessities to sustain a reasonable life.

The committee called on Egypt to play a role in resolving the crisis surrounding Palestinian prisoners by putting pressure on Israel to implement the terms of the agreement which was reached to bring about an end to the recent mass hunger strike. It holds the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the lives of the ill prisoners and those who are on hunger strike and isolated inside the prisons, and confirms that it will continue to organise solidarity activities in order to achieve its objectives.

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