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Egyptian Foreign Ministry launches cooperation initiative between Cairo, Tunisia and Tripoli

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Mohamed Amr, left for Tunis on Thursday to discuss cooperation between Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. A meeting with his counterparts of those countries is scheduled during his stay. He is also expected to address bilateral relations between Egypt and Tunisia while he is in the Tunisian capital.

In a press statement issued by the Foreign Ministry in Cairo, Minister Plenipotentiary Amr Rushdie said that the Foreign Minister is looking for ways to get the maximum benefit from the potential of both countries. He pointed out that the past few months have witnessed continuous consultation with Tunisia and Libya, including talks on many of the issues facing the region, donor countries and membership of the Deauville Partnership to support the Arab Spring countries.

Mr. Rushdie praised the “full understanding and similarity of views observed during the consultations”, pointing to the “deep affection and brotherhood” between the people across North Africa. He said that it is time for Egypt, Tunisia and Libya to take advantage of their close proximity and the significant economic opportunities this could provide: “Close borders can be used to our advantage, not just as things which separate countries.”

He continued, “The trilateral cooperation initiative with Tunisia and Libya is one of two main policies adopted by Egypt’s Foreign Minister to enhance our relations with our neighbours.” Adding that the initiative will be followed by similar coordination between Cairo, Khartoum and Tripoli, he said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is keen to restore and strengthen Egypt’s role in the Arab world.