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Egypt's Al-Nour Party declares its opposition to the siege from Gaza

February 17, 2014 at 11:16 pm

During a press conference held in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, 22 April, the head of Al-Nour, Egypt’s Islamist-Salafist party, asserted that his party rejects the blockade imposed on Gaza.

“No human should be kept under siege and deprived of a decent life or opportunities in life”, said Emad El-Din Abdel Ghafour, whose party holds the second largest majority in the Egyptian parliament.

Abdel Ghafour arrived in Gaza on Saturday, April 21 via the Rafah border crossing. During the press conference, he spoke of the Egyptian people’s enduring support for the Palestine Cause. “I left behind me all of Egypt longing to visit the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Abdel Ghafour added that there was no specific agenda for his visit, however, he called for real Palestinian national reconciliation.

He also said that “stability of the political situation in Egypt will lead to a breakthrough in Egypt’s relations with the Palestinian people.”

The Gaza visit by the head of the Al-Nour Party is expected to include meetings with Palestinian factions and visits to the graves of leaders including the Hamas founder, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.