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Extent of Israeli post-ceasefire attacks revealed

February 17, 2014 at 1:49 am

Israeli soldiers have committed 26 assaults against Palestinian civilians in Gaza and 22 against fishermen offshore since the “ceasefire” agreed between Israel and Hamas which was supposed to bring to an end Israel’s offensive against the territory. Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights revealed on Monday that the Israeli occupation forces have continued in their violations despite the truce. In at least one instance, reported Al-Mezan, an Israeli shell landed one kilometre inside Gaza.

According to a report prepared by the Centre, two Palestinians have been killed and 54 have been wounded, including 9 children, by the Israeli forces. Four civilians have been arrested for getting “too close” to the border, even though they were still inside Gazan territory.

At sea, Al-Mezan explained, there have been 22 attacks by Israeli gunboats against Palestinian fishermen. One fisherman remains under arrest, while four boats were damaged by gunfire from the Israelis. Fishing nets have also been damaged.

Al-Mezan Centre renewed its strong condemnation of the ongoing Israeli violations in areas where the right of Palestinians to have access to their own land and territorial waters has been restricted severely by Israel. It called upon the international community to protect civilians and stop Israel’s violations of international and humanitarian laws. Gaza, it pointed out, is part of Palestine and Israel as the occupying power has obligations towards the human rights and protection of the civilian population.